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Starter Material or Place Holders?

There's little material to be found on new LB Scott Fujita and S Willie Pile. The annuals see them as league-average. Here are some reports:

Pro Football Weekly, 2003 Preview -- "a real find was Scott Fujita, who shows some straight line ability."

Pro Football Weekly, 2005 Preview -- "Scott Fujita can be vulnerable in coverage on the strong side and is not very aggressive in defending at the line of scrimmage, but his pass-rush skills are noteworthy."

Street and Smith, 2005 -- "Scott Fujita is capable on the strongside, but he always seems to promise more than he delivers and is coming off injury."

Scientific Football, 2005 -- "[Willie] Pile was a rookie last year, and he was put into a bad situation filling in on an injury-riddled defense. He didn't look good in coverage, no doubt, but you have to hope he gets another chance under better circumstances."

You have to hope that both were also miscast on the horrible Kansas City defense, either asked to do things they didn't do well or put at the mercy of a talent-poor squad. We'll see.

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