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I was perusing the Cowboys site and saw a lot of souvenirs for this week's Ring of Honor inductions. Among them is the Dallas Morning News' Emmitt Smith-sets-the-rushing-record edition. Since I have a copy it got me thinking, what types of things do you collect?

I'm not big on t-shirts, or any pre and post-fab mementos, but I do have two collections I prize. The first is a growing collection of tapes of the '90s Cowboys. I started collecting them in 1991, when it became clear that the team was going places. It's got a few holes, but it's got every playoff game from the wild card win over the Bears to the era-ending loss to the Panthers. I've also got worn copies of Super Bowls XII and XIII that could use some upgrading. Still, they're fun to watch, even if their quality is not so hot. I recently got a DVD of the Cowboys 5-0 win over Detroit in the '70 divisional playoffs. Craig Morton does a top-notch Drew Henson impersonation in that game, but Doomsday is in top form.

The other is a collection of newspapers and magazines featuring the team or team members. I've the Jimmy/Jerry era covered, from playoff wins, to Jimmy's resignation to Emmitt passing Walter Payton. My favorite is probably the Monday edition of The San Francisco Examiner that tries to explain how the 49ers lost the '93 NFC Championship to a bunch of young punks from Dallas.

I've also got a few from the Landry era. I found two choice Sporting News issues in an antique store in Newburyport, Massachusetts about seven years ago. One covers Super Bowl V. The other, issued the week before Super Bowl VI, has Roger Staubach on the cover. Scored both of them for five bucks. I've even got a Sport magazine from 1968 that offers a glowing profile of Dandy Don Meredith.

What's in your stash? What is/are your favorite piece(s) of Cowboys memorabilia?

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