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Mid-week Crumbs

Some bits of good news mixed with some concerning bits:

  • Drew Bledsoe was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week. CB Anthony Henry was a finalist for the NFC Defensive Player of the Week honor that went to 49ers DT Bryant Young.

  • LB Kevin Burnett was back in practice yesterday and hopes to play in Monday's game. His return is two weeks ahead of the original timetable.

  • FS Keith Davis has rejoined the kickoff coverage unit. After one week, the Cowboys sport a dismal 32.4 yard average, almost twice last year's 17.5 yards allowed, a figure that led the league.

  • Rookie SS Justin Beriualt and OLB Kalen Thornton each had microfracture surgery on a knee last week. Cross your fingers and send them your best; the success rate on mircofracture has improved dramatically in recent years, but its far from a sure thing. The procedure, in which tiny holes are drilled into the bones of the knee joint, is supposed to stimulate the growth of new cartilage. Having the procedure indicates that both players have suffered some degeneration of their knee cartilage.

  • Peerless Price is itching to get on the field, but the problems with kickoff coverage may keep him inactive this week. In order to play Price, the Cowboys would have to carry five active receivers this Monday, since #5 Terrence Copper is a necessary member of the coverage unit. Doing so would require paring a player from another unit.
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