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Sunday Open Thread

The Cowboys are not playing today. What do you see? Here's what I can tell:

  • The real season has in fact begun today. Some first week pretenders are being exposed but good. The Eagles have a 28-0 lead on San Francisco about 20 minutes in. The Lions look like the same old Lions. They got a 51 yard Joey Harrington to Roy Williams TD pass on their first play from scrimmage and have done nothing since. Harrington is dinking and dunking and is rattled by pressure. New season, same story -- to this point anyway.

  • The Texans are the most boring team in the NFL. Their offense has no plan. All the mediots' calls for Houston OC Chris Palmer's head may be heeded. He made a name for himself in Jacksonville, where he, Mark Brunell and Jimmy Smith ran some dangerous offenses. But he's been a zero since, failing miserably in Cleveland and with the Texans.

  • The Bears D is legit, which might speak well for Washington in tomorrow's Cowboys game.
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