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Second Half Thread

Knucklehead sandwich: it has been a half full of assclown mistakes. And you can't blame the kids completely. Julius Jones fumbles. LaRoi Glover takes two dumb penalties. John Condo rolls the extra point back to the holder. Bradie James looks like Curly Howard. Anthony Henry is missing tackles. With that, a stop at the end of the half gives you something to take to the locker room.

  • Drastic measures: Of all the errors, the biggest was Keith Davis' mental breakdown, giving help on the wrong side of the field and hanging Henry out to dry when Dallas had the 49ers in 2nd and 19 and the game at 7-6. Brandon Lloyd got a stroll down the left hash where Davis should have been waiting for him. That's three TDs on Davis' head in just three weeks.
  • When Dallas went into it's nickel late in the half, it had Roy Williams up in the slot with Willie Pile playing deep centerfield. Davis was on the sideline. I'll have to review the tape, but Williams may have been playing LB with Pile and Jacques Reeves manning the deep halves. Now that's an adjustment.

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