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Stepping Into the Way-forward Machine

The DMN's Matt Mosley provides an off-the-wall comment today, predicting that Mike Holmgren will be a prime target for Jerry Jones whenever the Bill Parcells' era ends.

Since none of us know when Parcells will retire, this is, in Vincent Vega's words, "a bold statement." It is not a terrible statement, however. Holmgren is suffering from the Peter Principle in Seattle; he's a good coach, but is a lousy personnel guy. (I know, he's lost those duties, but he nearly wrecked the team running their drafts.) When you team Holmgren with a good personnel guy and a good defensive coordinator, he's dangerous.

Here's hoping that Parcells sticks around in the former capacity when he's no longer coaching, or at least grooms current personnel head Jeff Ireland to handle the job.

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