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Schadenfreude Fever -- Catch It!

Come Monday, one of the Cowboys division rivals is going to be 4-4. The question is which of the Redskins or Eagles will continue their mid-season slide? Both are definitely sliding. The Redskins have lost three of four after starting 3-0. Had Seattle's Josh Brown not clanged the potential game winner off the left upright at the end of regulation time, Washington would be looking at losses in four of its last five. The defense, which has carried the team, got manhandled by the Giants last week.

The Eagles are little better. Had they not returned a late blocked field goal for a TD against the Chargers the Eagles would have a three game losing streak. They entered the bye two games ago with a leaky defense and no running game. They still have no running game. Andy Reid has the same o-line as last year, but insists on ignoring Brian Westbrook. (Is this some organizational feud with Westbrook, who held out this offseason and has said he might leave next year?) Philly's defense shut down LaDainian Tomlinson but the secondary has not improved from its breakdown against Dallas. The Broncos stomped them for 49 points, scoring big early and late.

Whom do you root for, or against in this case? If you can't bring yourself to root in some way, which team's misfortune will give you the most pleasure?

I think the Eagles will win. They've got problems, but they're still the better team.

Update: My schadenfreude cup is overflowing. The Eagles have announced that Terrell Owens will not play Sunday night for "conduct detrimental to the team." The conduct in question is an interview with ESPN -- another one!? -- where he slammed the Eagles' front office and QB Donovan McNabb.

Think there is any love between the Eagles' brass and the folks in Bristol, Connecticut? Every time T.O. feels slighted, he runs to ESPN. And they gladly give him a forum to go toddler on us all. Last night, the first eight minutes of the evening ESPNews broadcasts were devoted to the T.O. "controversy." I'm sure that's the most pressing item you wanted to follow in the sports world.

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