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A New Image for Cowboys Nation

No, no, you're in the right place. Your hyperlink is fine. Relax. has launched a dynamic new image for its Cowboys blog publication today, just one small step in our quest for high quality content and one giant leap for Cowboy-kind.

Lassoing legions of visitors since coming out of the chute in February, 2005, Cowboys Blog has provided free reports, editorials and an interactive platform giving voice the the nation of Cowboys faithful worldwide.

The site's curators felt it was time to "Boot the Bull". Thanks to Jeff Arrowood, our graphical engineer, the Cowboys Blog has a look that is comparable to the content that exists on this site.

"We were looking for a theme with an edge, " says Raul Villaronga, the blog's technical engineer, "and when Jeff presented some of his ideas, Rafael and I knew it was just the kind of insight and design we were looking for".

"We felt it would be fitting if this could happen from within the community we've been able to cultivate," says Rafael Vela, the site's primary writer and resident guru.

"Jerry Jones brags on a cell phone commercial that he has a hot tub in the shape of Texas Stadium," adds Vela. Jones looks into the camera and states, "That's right."

"Well, we've got a blog that evokes Texas Stadium. And we've got Jeff Arrowood to thank for it."

When you see StarStruck in the threads, be sure to pass on your regards.

"That's right!"

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