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Karmic Boomerang Drops Philly 21-20

Logic fails me. The ability to create a coherent narrative fails me. All I have are some crazy coincidences that seem to blend together:

-- Dallas just got repaid for its late meltdowns against the Redskins and Seahawks, scoring 14 points in a 1:01 span. Actually it's shorter, but the Cowboys took the ball with 3:44 to play, drove for a TD that was set up by some inspired Marion Barber plays. The first was a winding, 30 yard run through the Eagles secondary where the rookie maintained his top priority -- getting out of bounds. Starting at the right hash mark, Barber darted ten yards up the field, cut towards the left yard markers, ran ten yards farther upfield then settled behind a Peerless Price block for ten more yards before stepping out of bounds on the Eagles' 20.

On the next play Barber picked up an inside blitz, allowing Drew Bledsoe to float a TD pass to Glenn in the right corner of the end zone.

On second and eight on the following drive, Donovan McNabb threw an out when his receiver was running an up. Roy Williams took the biggest gift since Larry Brown's Super-Bowl-30- winning pick and ran for the winning score. The clock read 2:43.

-- Roy Williams was repaid for his breakdowns in that same Washington game. He had radar sighting on the ball. And for once this year, the ball stuck to his frequently abrasive hands.

-- Bill Parcells continues his streak of improbable wins on Monday night. In 2003 a botched Giants kickoff helped Dallas score a tying field goal at the gun. The Cowboys won in overtime. Last year a perfect onsides kick led to the second of two late TDs as Dallas rallied for a crazy 43-39 win. Now, the Cowboys go from lifeless and lost at the 3:44 mark to top of the division at the gun. If the Cowboys keep doing this are they really lucky?

Don't answer that.

-- Why's crying now? The Giants are smarting after losing a game they should have won going away. Their coach went ballistic in the post game, railing against his players' lack of focus. The Redskins lose a painful one by being offsides on an extra point. Now, the Eagles drop one in which Andy Reid and Jim Johnson game plan beautifully.

Hey, I'm not throwing this one back.

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