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"We're Not Houston"

Cowboys fans will remember that was Jimmy Johnson's response to NBC announcer Jim Gray in a halftime interview during Super Bowl 27. The Cowboys had a big lead and Gray wondered aloud whether Buffalo could come back the way they had against Houston, when they erased a 35-3 Oilers lead in the divisional playoffs.

That line came to me watching TV a few minutes ago. I live in the Austin area. The CBS affiliate here has given us the Texans games religiously since they were formed. They've signed on to pregames and post-games and all forms of promos for that moribund team.

Today? The Texans are playing the Rams, but the CBS affiliate is showing Washington versus San Diego. The need of Cowboys fans to watch their rival apparently is greater than the need of the Austin-area Texans fans -- all 187 of them -- to watch their boring team.

Tex Schramm used to joke in the '70s that the Cowboys were more popular in Houston than the Oilers (sorry, Oiler Troll). I can't speak for Clutch City but it hasn't taken long for the Texans to lose their Austin beachhead. With the Saints flirting around San Antonio, prospects can't be hot for the Texans there either.

It's good to be the king.

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