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Registration it is ...

Folks, we're tired of seeing the incessant spam on this site - a place where you come to get some in-depth analysis and general discussion about America's team, the Dallas Cowboys.

We're going to try the registration process to see if we can combat the spam that is infiltrating our beloved site. It gives us the opportunity to cast aside those individuals that want to post jibberish/rubbish/garbage/Redskins propaganda and the like.

Hopefully this will resolve the issue but, as always, we'll be on top of the problem, adapting to any situation that comes along ...

Registration is free, and only provides permission to post. Anybody can read from this site without obligation. We hope that this reduces the amount of spam that has infiltrated our community.

Please be patient as your registration requests will come in hard and fast, and I may not get to them as expediciously as you would like ... Please realize that I'm doing the best that I can (given the circumstances) and will try to get everyone (all couple of dozen of you regulars) registered and rolling on the Cowboys Blog.

Now ... where'd I leave my pogo stick ...

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