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What Do You Want to Do?

You're registered.

You're manic. The season, crazy as it has been, still has life. You're chosen to express your mania here, among other places.

So what can we do to improve the experience? What options would you like to see? Chats? Reader-led threads? Interviews? Something else?

I have a couple of ideas. Raul and I have discussed a give-away of Cowboys Blog-themed items if my advisor, the Oiler Troll himself, gives us the legal go ahead. I'm also going to ask a highly-rated college QB if he'll keep a diary for the site this offseason, about selecting an agent, the all-star games, the combine and the draft. Nothing is final. Nothing is even close to final, but if he agrees, we would get a first-hand view of the offseason circus.

Those are my good thoughts for the day. What are yours?

(Pregame coming later. I've got a mountain of work right now.)

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