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Unsung heroes

In all football games, especially games you win, certain players get the bulk of the credit, and deservedly so. Drew Bledsoe, Terry Glenn, and Jason Witten had excellent games and deserve the praised being heaped upon them by Cowboy fans and the press.

But there are guys who do the dirty work who also deserve recognition. Let's take a minute to salute some unsung heroes from Sunday's win over the Chiefs.

Keyshawn Johnson - He didn't have the stats he probably wanted, but he made a big impact. Key was key in the blocking scheme. His block sprung Marion Barber for a long gain on a 3rd and 1 play on the Dallas FG drive. Did you see Key holding his block for eternity on the end-around TD by Glenn? The man is simply one of the best blocking WR's in the league. Key also converted a 3rd and 6 play on the final TD drive.

Lousaka Polite - For a guy who wasn't even active the game before, Polite pitched in on a day when Dallas needed all the help they could get. Polite caught 3 passes for 33 yards, one on a blitz hot read that saved Bledsoe's bacon.

Scott Fujita - I've already talked about the huge play Fujita got by sacking Trent Green and forcing a fumble when KC was knocking at the door. But Fujita also tied with Scott Shanle for the team lead in tackles with 6, not bad for an OLB. Fujita is slowly rounding into form and not a moment too soon.

Marion Barber - Barber is starting to push Julius Jones for starter minutes and was the better back on Sunday. Besides rushing for 82 yards (15 carries) he also caught 2 passes for 32 yards. Included in the passes was a 3rd and 8 pickup to kick start the final TD drive, plus a 21 yarder that set Dallas up at the KC 6 for the game-winning TD.

Anybody else I forgot? Nominate your own unsung hero.

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