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Cowboys vs. Chiefs; Post-Game Quotes

Still feeling good the morning after? I am, so I'm betting you are too. We didn't get much help from other teams on Sunday in terms of playoff postioning, but we just need to keep winning. The Deadskins are next, a little revenge would be nice.

Let me draw your attention to the "Recent Diaries" over in the right-hand column. Monkey McGee and Terry have already thrown up some post-game diaries, take some time to read their good work and give them some comments. Then decide to write your own diary and go do it.

burningstarIV was the man as he nailed the final score from yesterday, Dallas 31 - Kansas City 28. Congrats.

Also congrats to Drew Bledsoe, who move into 5th place all-time for completions in the NFL, passing Vinny Testaverde and Fran Tarkenton.

OK, on to the post-game quotes. Click the link below to read them.

Bill Parcells explains the answer to all the buzz, what got into his gameplan yesterday?

"It wasn't a question of me deciding to go that way," he said. "I didn't think we had a choice. I knew they were going to be tough to stop. The offense knew they were going to have to do some things today or we were not going to win the game."

What'd you think of the game, Tuna?

"That was an exciting game," said Parcells. "I thought (our) players took the challenge real well. I knew we would have to play real aggressive offensively to beat these guys. We tried to match them the best we could."

How about you Drew Bledsoe, what'd you think?

"This game was vitally important, not only from the standpoint of our record but for the psyche of this team," quarterback Drew Bledsoe said. "Losing three in a row at this time of year would have been tough to come back from."

Dan Campbell get some pub for catching the game winning TD. Dan, how did you feel about that TD catch?

"That's probably the biggest one I've had," the veteran tight end said. "All my other (six) touchdown catches have helped, but I can't remember one winning the game like that."

Did you have any doubts that the play would work?
"I knew it was going to work," said Campbell, who caught only his third pass of the season and first touchdown pass. "I knew if we got down there within the five that we were going to run that play, and I knew without a doubt that it was going to work."

Back to Drew, your thoughts on the play?
"It's a real simple play for me," Bledsoe said. "If he's open, he gets it. If not, it goes through the back of the end zone. From what we had seen from them, it's a play that should work. And it did work."

Let's check in on the flea-flicker with Terry Glenn. What were you thinking when they called that play in the huddle?
"I see what yard line we're on so I can see how long the touchdown is going to be," he said rather matter-of-factly.

But Glenn is all about the win.
"I think my team is aware that I'm out here trying to win and I'll give it my all to try to win," he said. "Whether I make plays or whether it's just blocking or getting other people open, I think that's just my job."

The defense struggled, any thoughts Coach?
"Their offense is the strongest one we've seen this year," Parcells said of the Chiefs. "We had some trouble with them. If they get into the tournament, they're going to be trouble for someone."

Drew Bledsoe, was this a must-win game?
"We needed to win this game," Bledsoe said. "The situation that we're in, we had to win. The goal here is to get into the playoffs and make a run at winning the championship. We have to win and keep winning."


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