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It comes twice a year and it means something big this year. Yes, it's time to play the Deadskins. Earlier this year I wrote a post about how the rivalry was dead, it was meant to be sort of serious but a lot of toungue in cheek, but I caught some flak for it on some boards. I'll repost it in the diaries for further abuse.

But now Mac Engel over at the DFW Star-Telegram gives me a little cover with his article about how the game finally, really means something again, which was the point of my earlier post. Here's the opening grafs:

Whitney Houston was falling in love with Kevin Costner in a bad movie, a gallon of gas cost around $1.02, and Bill Clinton was called the president-elect.

That was December 1992, or the last time the Cowboys played a late-season game against the rival Washington Redskins that was meaningful for both teams.

And Keyshawn Johnson backs me up, too.

"Now, both teams are good. It matters," Cowboys receiver Keyshawn Johnson said.

So now we're ready, a big time game at Fed Ex Field, against our hated rival, this time with playoff aspirations on the line for both teams. Besides all of that, Dallas has the revenge factor going after that tortuous ending to the game earlier this year.

Santana Moss angered the Cowboy Nation with 4th quarter scoring strikes of 39 and 71 yards. He also stoked the fires of a somewhat dormant rivalry. Sure we hated the Skins, but now we really hate them, we have to beat them for playoff positioning, and we want blood for the previous game.

It's safe to say, the rivalry is back on, big time. Let the games begin.

Read Mac Engel's article here.

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