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Players still lobbying for wide-open offense

The Dallas Cowboys players are saying one thing to the press and another to Bill Parcells. The Coach has made reference in the past weeks to people wanting to "take the whistle" from him. Parcells has already gone on record that what worked last week against KC may not be the wisest course of action this week against Washington. But that hasn't stopped the players from talking.

Drew Bledsoe represents the general ambivalence, lobbying for more offense but don't upset the coach.

"I think that if he had his druthers, he would like to play a conservative brand of football, where there is not much risk involved because he feels has more control of the outcome," Bledsoe said. "I also would like to go back and remind him that when we were successful in New England, we threw more than anybody in the history of football."

Part of the reason for Bill's reluctance to gun the offensive engine this week is the Redskins penchant for aggressive blitzing. Once again, Drew explains.

"They do make things difficult on you," Bledsoe said. "If you are going to play the Redskins and choose to throw it, you are putting yourselves at risk. You are asking a lot from the guys up front and the backs in terms of picking up the blitzes. You are asking a lot of me in terms of making decisions against some different looks."

Drew is the diplomat, but you can always count on Keyshawn to give you the straight dope.

"If you want the offense to be productive, then you need to let the people who have been productive, who have shown they can be productive, be productive players," Johnson said. "That's what they need to do."

OK, Key, so what did Parcells say when you told him that?

"I don't lobby for nothing," Johnson said. "I let the coaches coach. That's what they get paid to do. We are just players. We don't know anything."

Keyshawn knows, Bledsoe knows, tread lightly around the Big Tuna. Source article

It appears that defensive coach Gary Gibbs won't be going to Texas A&M, article here.

Finally, here's an article discussing the wide-open offense. It's clear that the author is not enamored with the conservative approach. This seems to be the running theme of the season. Which way will Parcells go this week?

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