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Cowboys passing game better be ready

Is Joe Gibbs playing games with the injury list? Probably, he's done it before. But one things for sure, only one cornerback on the Deadskins practiced Wednesady. This from Yahoo News.

Ade Jimoh, probably best known for being ridiculed by former coach Steve Spurrier, strapped on his helmet and went through the drills. Everyone else with a "CB" by his name -- starters Shawn Springs and Carlos Rogers and nickel back Walt Harris -- was idle as the team broke in the game plan for Sunday's showdown with the Dallas Cowboys.

If they're not practicing, that can't be anything but good for the Boys. If those guys can't play, safety Sean Taylor thinks the other safeties can step in and handle it.

"It's not a concern," Taylor said. "I think everybody is accountable on this team. We know we have to step up when people are down. That's just what we're dealt with. I'm sure everybody's played a little bit of corner in practice or played it in college or Pop Warner or high school. It's nothing different. It's a greater level, but you've got to step up."

Pop Warner or high school? Come on, Sean.

I know he's just trying to say the right thing but if the safeties are playing at corner, Terrance Copper is going to get a 71-yard TD, and won't need the flea-flicker to do it. Terry Glenn would not only help Dallas win, but his stats would send my fantasy team to a semi-finals victory. Washington better pray that those three corners can play on Sunday.

Speaking of Terry Glenn, here's a nice stat to chew on.

Glenn's 18.1 yards per catch is tops in the league among receivers with 40 or more receptions.

From the same Foxsports aticle:

Emotions aside, the banged-up Redskins don't match up well with the Cowboys at this point in the season. There will be no Midnight Moss Miracle this week.

Aaargh! Moss bad, make angry. Must kill Moss!

What's up my fellow BTB'ers, I don't see any smack talk on the blog and we're playing the Deadskins this week! Come on, I expected to see at least a few diaries about Daniel Snyder, Joe Gibbs, or the whipping we are going to give them at their house.

Maybe you need a little encouragement, a little something to stoke the fire? Well, if you got the guts and want to get your blood boiling, click the link below. Be warned, it's not for the faint of heart.

That's enough for me to go postal. What about you guys, got that revenge feeling in mind? Think about how good it's going to feel on Sunday night after we end their season and continue our march to the playoffs.

I'm calling out some veteran readers, you know who you are, to get busy on the blog. Let's hear some Deadskin trash talk around here.

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