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Parcells press conference (12/16)

The customary short Friday press conference was held this morning. It opened with Parcells playfully jousting with the press calling them the "nitwit brigade", and singling one out as the leader and told him he was going to put him in charge of personnel decisions. After that, the real press conference began.

Parcells is not really interested in the Redskins injury situation, he's only worried about his team, the weather, not the injury situation.

Chris Canty is going to try and practice today.

Thinks Washington has been trying to play ball control on offense the last few weeks to keep the opposing offense off the field.

Parcells doesn't think we have a great team, but we could've been better off with a little more good fortune this year. But he does think that the team has gone out and played hard and prepared for every game. He's never got a sense this season that the team is "not there", in other words not giving effort.

He thought the team was focused in practice yesterday. Thinks they've practiced pretty well all year. The practice schedule has worked well this year and has been beneficial for the young players.

On the last question a reporter asked if he "was the kind of guy who would say his team will make the playoffs." (Why would any reporter ask this, have they been listening to Parcells for the last 3 years?) Anyway, Parcells said the less you say the less you have to take back. Then closed with "I'll let you know after the next few weeks."

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