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New England took care of Tampa Bay 28-0, giving another NFC playoff contender a loss. Good news for the Cowboys. Now, everybody needs to root for the Chiefs to take out the Giants.

Predictions for the game tomorrow are stating to come in.

Deke: Dallas 17 - Wash 13
Terry: Dallas 17 - Wash 14
jbratch: Dallas 14 - Wash 0 (love that call!)
monkeymcgee: Dallas 31 - Wash 9
Grizz: Dallas 24 - Wash 16

Looking for the rest of you guys to weigh in, especially the regulars: Tom, memer, LRogue, Parl, guitarcowboy22, burningstarIV, CCBoy, Pete and Steve. Lurkers, sign up for your free account and give us your score and add your comments.