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Analysis of what went wrong

Below are some articles if you want to analyze the game from yesterday.

But if you want to skip all that and go to my super in-depth analysis, that breaks down what happened yesterday into some very simple terms, click below. I guarantee my analysis will shed new light on the game.

Dallas loses.

Dallas crushed.

Dallas humiliated.

Let me help you out, skip those articles and click below.

Earlier this week, BTB got a peek at the Dallas gameplan for crushing the Redskins. Here is the secret photo we took.

Everybody agreed, this was a plan for victory.

The above photo was taken at the moment before Drew Bledsoe received the snap on the Cowboys first play.

This photo was taken the second after the Redskins tipped the ball and intercepted it.

Above is a representation of the next 55 minutes of the game.

After the game, BTB made its way into the Cowboys locker room for a couple of pictures.

Finally, BTB was out early this morning at Valley Ranch and we bring you this very candid shot of Coach Bill Parcells.

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