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It's hard to even think about the next game with what just happened on Sunday. But you have to move on and start talking about where the team is at now, and how do they prepare for Carolina on Saturday. So in that spirit, I have to say, we're in bad shape.

  • G Marco Rivera has returned home and no one has any idea what his status is, the injury list doesn't come out until Wednesday. It wouldn't surprise anyone if we see a little of Stephen Peterman against Carolina.
  • As previously reported, LB Mike Barrow tore his quad and will go on IR.
  • The Dallas Morning News is reporting that FS Keith Davis will have an MRI on his left shoulder.
  • CB Terence Newman and TE Jason Witten both had their bells rung during the game, although both returned to the game.
  • CB Anthony Henry apparently has an abdominal strain to go along with his sort of healed groin.
  • CB Aaron Glenn aggravated his bad ankle during the game.
That list is a downer. But wait, there are more problems. Matt Mosley reports in his column at the Dallas Morning News that he approached LT Torrin Tucker at his locker after the game and thought that he was choking back tears. Mosley couldn't think of a good question so he just stared at him. Tucker finally spoke.

"I let everyone down," Tucker whispered after a long silence.

Yikes, sounds like someone's confidence is totally shot. Could we see both Peterman and Marc Colombo play some this weekend?

So the offensive line is in shambles and the secondary is banged up. Keyshawn is yelling at the kicker, Parcells is trying to cut the punter during the game, and Julius Jones still doesn't look right.

Some of you have noted in the comments that these are dark days in Dallas and I agree, the resonable man would rightly note the Cowboys are likely done for the year. But this is sports and this is our team, where we trade in faith more than logic, so let's hold out hope and see if we can pull off a miracle in Carolina.

Click "Read More" below to see more about possible playoff scenarios.

The subscription section of the Dallas Morning News lays out the Cowboys playoff possibilities.

The easiest way

  • Beat Carolina and St. Louis to finish 10-6
  • Washington loses one of its last two games
  • Minnesota wins its last two games
Pending a Chicago victory against Green Bay, the Cowboys would win the tiebreaker with Minnesota based on strength of victory. They hold the tiebreaker on Atlanta because of their conference record.

The fifth seed

  • Win both games to finish 10-6
  • Washington loses one of its last two to finish 9-7
  • Minnesota wins out to finish 10-6
  • Tampa Bay loses both games to finish 9-7
  • Atlanta splits both games to finish 9-7
  • Carolina splits both games to finish 11-5
Pending a Chicago victory over Green Bay, the Cowboys would be the No. 5 seed in the playoffs because they would beat Minnesota in a tiebreaker.

Cowboys miss the playoffs at 10-6

  • Dallas wins both its remaining games
  • Washington wins its remaining games
  • Tampa Bay wins its remaining games
While there are other scenarios in which the Cowboys could miss the playoffs at 10-6, this is the simplest. Tampa Bay would finish with a better record than the Cowboys, and Washington holds the tiebreaker over Dallas.

Can the Cowboys get in at 9-7?
Yes, but a victory in one of their last two games does not guarantee Dallas a playoff spot. Numerous tiebreakers.

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