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The DFW Star-Telegram has some good articles out today. I pulled a couple of quotes from one that are troublesome. After getting blasted by the Redskins last week, one would hope after the initial shock wore off, the Cowboys would start talking tough, even if it's false bravado. Sports teams have to fool themselves into believing they can win, if they don't have the feeling naturally. The quotes themselves are pretty benign, stating the obvious problems. But it's the tone that bothers, instead of talking about fixing it, they seem to reflect a general tone from Valley Ranch this week. It's seems that the confidence of the team has been lost.

"You would think we would be getting better," Davis said. "For whatever reason, we haven't been stopping anybody like we were earlier. The last few weeks have been frustrating."

Said cornerback Aaron Glenn: "I don't know what the answer is. But this is something we have to stop."

At least one guy is talking tough, and I like to hear it. It comes from the offensive line, of all places.

"I'm not intimidated," Petitti said. "I do think I've got better in pass protection; I've been [blocking] by myself more."

Good Rob, I hope you're not intimidated, because you need to play the game of your life Saturday. Torrin Tucker needs to also, as does the rest of the team for that matter. So my point is, buck up guys, you still have a chance to salvage a season. Get fired up and believe that you can do it, because you've played with the elite in games to the wire, and you've beaten some very good NFL teams this year.

You're capable of winning, even though we know you are underdogs and have played terrible in the past few weeks (except KC), you have to at least believe you can win.

Contrary to what Randy Galloway posits in his article today, the time to look at next year is not here yet. There's still a possibility, however small, to save a season. Desperation can lead to great play, the Carolina Panthers believe it, Dallas needs to also.

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