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Parcells press conference (12/21)

Pro Bowl Cowboys?
Larry Allen and Roy Williams made the Pro Bowl.

Marco Rivera and Anthony Henry are on the injury list, but Henry practiced today.

Who will play if Rivera doesn't?
If Rivera doesn't go it will probably be Andre Gurode or Corey Proctor, not Stephen Peterman. Rivera has improved some, still not sure about him for Saturday. Peterman is a LG that's why Proctor might sub.

"Practice was fine today" was Parcells assessment of today's practice.

Are Carolina DE's similar to Giants DE's?
Peppers and Rucker are similar to the Giants DE's, although Peppers is probably more athletic than them.

On his comment about 'immaturity' on Monday?
Because of the Philly and Seattle games he thought the young guys would be ready for the Giants game so he didn't talk about the crowds and the atmosphere with his team, and they might not have remembered. The Washington game just started out badly and continued to fall apart. He said "every once in a while a team gets 10 runs in the first inning, it happens."

What do you tell the team this week?
Parcells isn't all doom and gloom on this team yet, he says he knows everyone else is, and he told the team that and that he doesn't think it. We still have a chance at the playoffs so that's positive and Carolina has lost at home a couple of times this year. They still have something to play for this year.

Newman on Steve Smith?
Parcells still doesn't like to match Newman up with another receiver full-time, but conceded in some situations he might against Steve Smith.

Carolina different from 2-years ago when you played them?
Parcells thinks Steve Smith is one of the 5,6 or 7 best players in the NFL, he would take him in his top-10 picks to start a team. He makes you double him and that's like blocking 2 guys. Helps the running game and he doubles as a punt returner. Plus he's small but very powerful.

DeMarcus Ware?
It's a tough transition, he'll be a better player next year.

Can you do anything to help the tackles?
Yeah, we can keep everybody in and have no one to throw to, it's a dilemma. That's where we are right now. I know what to do to help them, we just need to get it done. We're not making mental errors, we only made 1 on the offensive line last week.

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