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Parcells press conference (12/22)

Notice - I'll be traveling for the holidays for the next week so posting will be light. I'll try to get something up daily but if I'm not posting, please take up the slack by posting your own diaries. By mid-week after Christmas I should be back on a regular schedule.

Because of various things I had to accomplish this afternoon I couldn't listen to the press conference. But I did steal a transcript, it's posted below.

One thing we learned today, Coach does his own Christmas shopping.

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Do you expect Rivera to do anything practice wise today?
Probably not

How'd Henry look in practice?
Henry? He looks alright, we'll see.

What are your contingencies?
Well if Rivera doesn't go we'll probably start Gurode at RG.

Rivera look like a possiblity?
I wouldn't count him out yet. He's got really just a spasm, sometimes they all of a sudden dissipate and you're set to go so we'll see, got a couple days.

Need him to practice?
He's been right there for every drill so I think he knows what to do

Prohl is a guy you have admiration for?
I've just know him a long time, Ricky... and he's had a good career and done a good job going all the way back to Seattle, Arizona, you know Rams. He's a heady player. Played Wake Forest you know, I think he's been a real good complimentary third receiver. You know he's made a real good career out of that, nice kid, real nice kid.

Like the way your guys have approached practice this week?
Yeah they're okay.

This week similar to after Giants' week, especially offensively?
Yeah but it's a different set of problems. Carolina poses a different set of problems than what KC posed.

In terms of the team's mindset, you kinda want to rectify what happened?
I can't tell you exactly what they're thinking. I think we're not making alot of mistakes in practice so..

OL, no mental mistakes, do you count penalties?
Certainly they're mistakes, but those are concentration mistakes. Like I said though Tucker's false start, definitely a false start, the other two though, I'm hard pressed.

Encouraging players this week, any 1 on 1's?
No, I haven't but I do interact with the players during the course of practice, you know speak with them individually during practice or during a break in practice or drills, something like that. Have I called a player into my office? No.

Do anything more than just talk 1 on 1? Other coaches? Remind them of wins?
Lookit I dont have to do that, they know. They know what needs to be done pretty much I think. It's not something that you just all of a sudden have to change the way you do things alot. Our job is to prepare them for the game, get the information to em, try to get them doing the right thing. Thats our job as coaches

Christmas week tough?
I dont have much concern about it I just run my normal schedule and they'll have to work around that. I imagine their wives do most of the shopping anyway.

What do you remember about background with Mack Brown?
Well Mack played for us in Florida State, good player, worked hard. I know his brother Watson well too he's the coach at UAB and actually Watson was a graduate assistant with us at Vanderbilt when I was coaching there. Nice family, good solid guys.

What'd you do back then?
Well you know you practiced separately, you had your defensive practice and the offensive scout team was really like your service team so it's tough duty

Run into him since you been here?
I haven't seen him but I hear from him, little correspondence back and forth.

What do you think about what he's been able to do?
Done a tremendous job, now he's got a big game coming up, that's good

What will you do to celebrate Christmas?
What will I do? I haven't thought about that right now. I'll start thinking about that after the game Saturday.

You do your shopping?
I do my own shopping.

At the mall?
Yeah, I go down.

Like the way Gurode stayed ready every game?
Yes. Sure has, done a good job that way.

Seen a difference in maturity?
Yes I have. Lotta thing that were problematic last year havent been, hes done a good job in that regard.

You have alot more confidence in him?
Yeah I think he'll be fine assignment wise.

How'd Procter look in second half of practice?
He looked alright, he might have to play too, we'll see.

Will you fill the roster spot before Saturday?
No. I don't know for sure but I wouldnt stay up waiting for it okay, if you know what I mean. Okay guys.

Source: Kilyin at CowboysZone

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