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Predictable Spin

It's late December, so like clockwork, the Bill Parcells-is-leaving-Dallas rumors have begun. Today the peddler is ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who cites "sources" claiming Parcells was affected by the death of his brother and might leave.

Duh, Chris. Who wouldn't be affected by the death of their brother?

Remember after year one, when the glow of 10-6 was strong, how the rumors still surfaced that Parcells and Jerry were done? And last year, after 6-10, how people like Pat Summerall were willing to claim rumors that Parcells was going to quit?

None of these folks were right. Parcells admitted later that he felt down after the season and that he briefly considered leaving but just as quickly dismissed the thought because it meant quitting on an unfinished job. He then produced a stellar offseason.

I'm sure he feels down this year. Don Parcells' passing had to hurt. The vicious reaction in the Metroplex press to last week's loss, which Parcells admitted surprised him after the K.C. win, is on his mind. But he's said all along that he likes this team. He referred to them as his family the week his brother died.

You never say anything definitive about the guy, but Parcells is the only source I will believe. I've heard too much of this nonsense before. Until I hear, "I'm leaving" from his lips, it's all bull.

Update: Frank Luska asked Parcells about this rumor at the end of the post-game press conference moments ago. Parcells response: â€Å"F*** that. I donâ€â"¢t know where these guys get stuff like that. Why donâ€â"¢t you write about what this team did today?”

(Thanks to amoglioc, who posted this in the thread.)

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