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Cowboys Christmas eve miracle

We're still alive. We need help but for one more week we are in the hunt for a playoff spot. It looks like the short way to get there is to beat the Rams next week and have either Carolina lose to Atlanta or Washington lose to Philly.

Julius Jones for the first time this season looked like the Julius Jones that finished the season last year. He was shifty, cut back quickly when he saw a hole, showed elusiveness in the second level, and busted off a long one for a TD. Just fantastic work all day long against a very good Panthers defense. He finished the day with 194 yards on 34 carries with 2 TD's.

On the other side of the ball rookie DeMarcus Ware finally took over a game. After his performance against Seattle in the pre-season, this is the type of performance we were anticipating. Credited with 9 tackles, 3 sacks and 3 forced fumbles, he was a human wrecking ball out there.

Other heroes include the offensive line, which managed to give JJ room to run and kept Bledsoe upright at crucial moments. Keyshawn Johnson made several catches to keep the chains moving and Terry Glenn, who dislocated his thumb on his second catch, caught a long ball and the winning TD. Almost everyone on the defense came up big at one point or another, including Terence Newman who was all over Steve Smith. Finally, Drew Bledsoe hung tough through the sacks and the pressure to deliver another game winning drive.

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Carolina's running game was never effective and Steve Smith blew his top in the 3rd quarter and was ejected. Here's Roy Williams' take on that moment.

Dallas safety Roy Williams said it was Smith's mouth -- not hands -- that got him thrown out.
"He said some harsh words to the ref," Williams said. "The ref didn't like it, and he got ejected, plain and simple."

Indeed. Now how about the field goal/roughing the kicker scenario? I have to admit it looked liked the Carolina player tipped the ball. But all that matters it what the refs thought and we know how that turned out. Here's what the Carolina player said.

"Only me and God know that I touched the ball," cornerback Ken Lucas said. "I was involved in the play, so I know what I felt. I don't have a little tingly feeling in my fingers for nothing."

Sorry Ken, but God wasn't assigned to referee the game, better luck next week. He also went on to say Dallas got a lot of calls and sounded like he was whining that they got screwed. Maybe he should listen to his teammate who summed it up this way.

"The Cowboys kicked our butt," linebacker Brandon Short said. "They executed better than we did. I never would have expected it."

There you go, like Parcells has said all year, if you execute you will win.

Merry Christmas to all Blogging The Boys readers and let's hope we have a Happy New Year too.

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