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Cowboys need help

I asked for a specific Christmas present, but no one in my family was able to get it for me. Perhaps I should've asked a different family, like the Sopranos. What I needed was a guarantee that either Carolina or Washington would lose next week and the Cowboys would win. That definitely sounds like a request that could only be fulfilled by a family with certain connections. I could ask the Sopranos or go with the original family, the Corleone family. Guess I'll just have to wait and let it play out naturally without the "fix" being in and that makes for a nervous week.

By the time the Cowboys play Sunday night, we we'll know whether the game will mean anything. Carolina plays Atlanta at 1:00 PM (EST) and Washington plays Philadelphia at 4:15 PM (EST). The good news is that both teams have to go on the road to win crucial games. The bad news is their opponents have nothing to play for except pride. The good news is they're both division games meaning familiarity and bad blood. The bad news is Atlanta and Philadelphia are playing some bad football down the stretch.

By the way, the Falcons have a little turmoil going on, read about it here.

Everyone is talking about the Julius Jones revival. After JJ busted off the 43-yard TD run his teammates were yelling "You're back" at him when he reached the sideline. Apparently Keyshawn Johnson is getting some of the credit as he was challenging JJ all day. From the DFW Star-Telegram article:

On Saturday, his goal was to do what receiver Keyshawn Johnson said to. Johnson had challenged Jones before the game, telling him: "We need you to run the ... ball." And every time Jones returned to the sideline, Johnson said he repeated his challenge.

Hey, whatever it takes, keep doing it.

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