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As reported earlier in the comments section, (hat tip to Deke), the Cowboys cut Billy Cundiff and re-signed Shaun Suisham. The skinny:

The club released Billy Cundiff and replaced him with rookie Shaun Suisham, who served a two-game stint earlier in the season.

"We just had to do something," Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said. "He couldn't make them in practice, either. I think it's a little mental now."

Cundiff's bags were already packed when he showed up for work Monday morning and he described his release as "quick and easy."

article here

The Cowboys also re-signed SS Tony Dixon to fill out the 53-man roster. I hope this doesn't say something about the injury to Roy Williams.

This appears to be the two possible playoff scenarios for Dallas to get in.

Easy scenario

  1. Dallas beats St. Louis
  2. Carolina loses or Washington loses
Hard scenario (hat tip to jbratch)
  1. Dallas beats St. Louis
  2. Carolina, Washington both win
  3. New York, Tampa Bay both lose

Apologies for the occasional site outages over the past day. Hopefully this will be fixed very soon.

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