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Parcells press conference (12/26)

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I'm blogging on the run today, so click below to read a partial transcript of Big Bill's press conference today taken from another source.

Change at kicker?
We had to do something. He couldn't make them in practice either. One of those things. I think his problem is mental now, so we had to do something else.

Roy Williams' status?
It would be pretty hard for him not to play.

Anthony Henry didn't make the trip?
He told me he couldn't go. Finally there comes a time when you just have to ask the player "What can you do?" He didn't think he could play after Thursday's practice. So we gave him one more day, Friday. But we didn't do much Friday, so Thurday was the key day for me.

How certain are you the Suisham will be the kicker on Sunday?
Pretty sure. We may workout a couple of guys later in the week, but not with the intention of Sunday. Down the road maybe. I liked him from before, he was just young and frankly Bruce DeHeaven was worried about his inexperience, and I can't say that I didn't think that line of thinking was in order. So he was lobbying for that, so I said `Okay, let's go ahead and do it', but we did like Suisham's potential when he was here. Obviously we had him here for a while, and he was in Dallas for a long time after we let him go. He just went to Ohio a week ago. We told his agent we were definitely interested in him for the future. He was coming back anyway this week.

Does this move indicate that you are playing for just this week?
You can't live with what was going on. Now, Sean doesn't kick off as well. We may suffer in that area.

How do you approach the whole playoff scenario with the team?
Simple. I told them that I can not leave a stone unturned. We're down to a couple of practices. I haven't talked to them about St. Louis yet, but generally speaking I told them what I'm going to do.

Needing help, do you become an Eagles fan this week?
Nope, I don't worry about it.

You said sometimes a big run can trigger a team, did that happen?
The one he broke for a TD kind of got the OL really going. He had a couple of other nice ones before that, but that helped us. I thought we had to play that game an exact certain way to win, and quite frankly I don't think they felt much different. Just watching them and how they managed the game it wasn't unlike how we do it. We hurt ourselves on special teams a little bit, and we got to get that squared away.

Did Julius look different?
I've kind of seen that in practice the last 2-3 weeks. Everyone can keep blaming his ankle from 12 weeks ago, but I stopped doing that a long time ago. He needed to get his confidence up and get going, and he got a little good fortune getting loose and then you play with a little more confidence.

But he did look like a different back.

Trust me, he's been able to run like that for the last month, he just wasn't doing it. Whether its confidence or whatever it is, its hard to get your finger on it. I never lost confidence in him.

Played pretty well. Rivera is going to try to practice this week, and we'll see what we do there for Sunday.


I'll say what I say when I want to say it about that subject.

You can blame some of your East Coast buddies for starting that rumor.

Let me tell you something, there is no one .. I have talked to no one about any of those things all season. I challenge anyone who can step forward and say "Bill talked about this stuff to me."

Talk about a contract extension?
When its appropriate. We'll see.

Is there one on the table?
Not to my knowledge. We haven't talked about it.

source: InmanRoshi here

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