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Parcells press conference (12/28)

Highlights of today's press conference. My internet connection went down temporarily so I didn't get the whole thing, just the first part.

Click "Read More" for the highlights.


Marco Rivera practiced some, but didn't participate much, just trying to get him moving.

Why has Crayton not produced lately?
A lot of talk about Patrick Crayton, but basically coach said he needs to practice. He sometimes reverts to bad habits, technical problems, and they're trying to get him back on track. He did block well in the last game.

How is the team preparing this week?
The team seems to be hustling in practice. They need to be concerned about the Rams, they score points. The problem the Rams have are turnovers.
I can "smell" a tough game coming. Tough games have been the norm this year, so we did a little extra yesterday for an hour. Just mental preparation and walk-throughs. Today we didn't have many mental mistakes at practice.

Talk about the Rams.
We are not very familiar with the Rams which caused us problems against KC. So I wanted extra preparation. The Rams don't have many tendencies, they substitute offensive personnel indiscriminately.

Is safety play a concern?
Keith Davis had a mental lapse in the second series against Carolina and Willie Pile had one at the end of the game on the wheel route. The safety position is of concern and now Roy is limping around but I think he will play. Keith has played pretty well this year, Roy is playing better than last year. The problem is we have no depth.

Julius Jones?
Lost of talk about how demanding the RB position is and how some guys can't handle it. The bulls-eye gets to heavy for some players. Thinks Julius is starting to understand what it takes. When a thoroughbred gets nicked up it slows hime down. But I've been using Barber to take some of the pressure of of him, particularly for a back of JJ's size. I was watching him in the Carolina game and he gave me the puppy-dog look once and I pulled him out. I knew he needed a break, I know him now, I can tell how he's doing.

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