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Rooting for the Falcons

One of our new favorite teams, the Atlanta Falcons, still have something to play for. Admittedly, it's not their original goal, that being the Super Bowl after last year's 11-5 finish. With no playoffs in site, they are looking to break a truly astonishing record in futility. Check out this stat.

The carrot is capturing the first back-to-back winning seasons in franchise history. A victory would give the Falcons a 9-7 record, which, coming off an 11-5 mark last season, would snap a 40-year drought.

Wow. 40 years without back-to-back winning seasons. That's a drought of biblical proportions. Maybe some real pride will emerge for this team and Carolina ends up walking into a buzzsaw. Going on the road is never easy. Regardless of Mike Vick's shortcomings as a passer, he is the x-factor with his legs and undoubtedly making the Carolina defense nervous.

The Falcons have one problem and that is an injury.

Atlanta will have to come up with a defensive scheme to corral Pro Bowl wide receiver Steve Smith since it will be without Pro Bowl cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who separated his left shoulder against Tampa Bay. Omare Lowe, a special teams ace who has participated in just a handful of plays this season, will take Hall's place.

That's not promising. My advice, give Smith a few extra shots under the pile, then wait for him to get himself ejected from the game.

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