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Cowboys random notes and articles

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USA Today has a good rundown on playoff scenarios and how the teams are preparing, here.

Parcells gives some love to Julius Jones on the way to the locker room after the Carolina game.

"I put my arm around him and kind of squeezed his head a little bit," coach Bill Parcells said. "You know just so he knows that I knew, `Hey, you did a good job.' I said hey, that's my guy right there. That makes him feel good."

DeMarcus Ware won the Pepsi rookie of the week award, but let's see how he does this week against one of the league's best.

"He's got Orlando Pace this week," coach Bill Parcells said. "As my old player Alvin Garrett said, 'That's a new set of encyclopedias.' "

Double true, but St. Louis has been giving up the sacks this year.

"...St. Louis quarterbacks Marc Bulger, Jamie Martin and Ryan Fitzpatrick have been sacked 44 times this season.

Flying under the radar in Cowboy land is the story of Ryan Fowler taking over the WILB spot relegating Scott Shanle to the nickel. Read the article here

Julius Jones is making his push for a 1,000-yard season and the Dallas offensive line wants to help him get it.

Keyshawn Johnson, on his radio show, relayed this story about Parcells possibly retiring:

Parcells hasn't indicated anything to me. Today while the team was stretching, Parcells said, "All you old 30 plus year old guys need to make something happen this week or you might as well just retire". Keith Davis shot back, "The only one talking about retirement around here is you Coach", Parcells just laughed.

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