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Keep An Eye On This Story

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The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that Green Bay offensive line coach Larry Beightol feels he may lose his job if the Packers clean house after a disappointing 2005.

Good offensive line coaches are as valuable as good quarterbacks these days and Beightol ranks among the NFL's best. From 2001 to 2004 his lines allowed an NFL-low 82 sacks. In previous stops with the Jets and Dolphins, Beightol's lines ranked among the league's best in sacks allowed.

I have no idea if Bill Parcells will shop for a new offensive line coach next year. First year man Tony Sparano has had to work with a motley bunch after injuries wiped out his projected tackle tandem of Flozell Adams and Jacob Rogers. Still, the league runs on the bottom line and for much of the year Sparano's guys have not gotten it done. Dallas has surrendered 45 sacks, ranking 28th in the league. Only six teams have a lower yards-per-attempt average than Dallas' 3.6. Last year's line coach George Warhop was dismissed for similar numbers.

If Green Bay drops Beightol, I would not be surprised to see the Cowboys pursue him. He might be able to put RG Marco Rivera's career back on track. Rivera went to Pro Bowls from 2002 through 2004 while working for Beightol. The coach might also help his new team lure young free-agent-to-be Kevin Barry. He's far from a household name, but Beightol feels the 26 year old OT can be one of the league's most dominating linemen.

This news barely rates mention, compared to everything else going on this week. But a Beightol firing could figure prominently in Dallas' '06 plans. Watch this story.

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