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Welcome to the new new home of Blogging The Boys!

Greetings Dallas Cowboys fans and welcome to the new Blogging The Boys. We've moved to a new home here as part of the SportsBlogs network. They've asked me to be their blogger for the Dallas Cowboys and I'm honored to accept their offer.

The guys who've been reading Blogging The Boys (BTB) this season know what this blog is all about. To them I am grateful, and I hope they'll enjoy the new format which will allows more input from you, the readers. Now you can be writers. For more on what I mean by that, click the Diary link in the upper right.

For the new reader, you've arrived at a community of loyal, knowledgeable, partially insane Dallas Cowboys fans. We talk about the premiere franchise in all of sports 365 days a year. We invite you to stick around and add to the community. You can make your voice heard or you can just lurk and read all the great Cowboys information on the blog.

Here at BTB, we love to talk football and we love to debate all the games, strategies, players or anything else about the Dallas Cowboys. We celebrate together and we suffer together. And we always do it respectfully. We don't go for personal attacks, excessive profanity (in fact I limit mine to a damn or hell every once in a while), or off-topic fights about politics or religion. We talk football here, Dallas Cowboys football for the most part, and we have a great time doing it.

To take full advantage of the blog, sign up for an account (upper right), it's quick, painless and free. Once you do, you can leave comments and create your own diaries.

I'm counting on the regular readers to help me keep the news and discussion flowing at our new home and create the first diaries, guys like the following who have been reading and commenting for a while.

Monkey McGee

A special thanks to you guys.

A word about the people who are making this possible. SportsBlogs is a network of sports blogs (duh) and you should check them out. There is a list of their sites in the right hand column. I want to thank them again for giving me this opportunity. I want to thank the guys who've been reading Blogging The Boys this year and welcome all the new readers.

Oh yeah, one other thing.

"How 'bout them Cowboys?!"

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