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Cowboys - Rams Open Thread

Man, I had this horrible dream. I was rooting for Falcons and (shudder) Eagles. It was horrible.

I feel dirty just thinking about it.

Update: What's pride worth? Everything right now, since the Cowboys have nothing else to play for.

Right now, Dallas owns the 20th draft pick. If the Cowboys lose, the highest they could pick is 18th. They might as well win the game.

Update Two:
A healthy, happy and prosperous new year to all my blog friends. Today didn't produce a playoff berth but we could see the Cowboys put the finishing touches on 10-6, up from 6-10 and a depressing last minute loss at the Meadowlands just about a year ago.

I'm grateful for all the folks who come here and make this place work. I was checking visits a few minutes ago and saw that we had readers from Korea, Malaysia, India, Benin, Germany, El Salvador, Mexico, three Canadian provinces and a good number of the 50 states on at the same time, with more sure to come as kickoff approaches. We're come a long way in our first year and promise bigger and better things in '06. Hopefully, the team will continue to improve.

It's playoffs for bust this year!

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