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The Wheel Goes Round

The offseason carousel has begun.

The biggest news outside Valley Ranch -- so far -- is Mike Sherman's dismissal in Green Bay.

Packers OL coach Larry Beightol may shake free after Sherman's firing. Reports today show an interesting practice -- they note the head coach and assistants who were fired. In Houston, for example, the Texans announced the firing of HC Dom Capers and both his assitants, Joe Pendry and Vic Fangio. In recent years, teams have retained quality assistants, like coordinators or position coaches. This means we cannot assume Beightol is on the market. I'll keep tabs on the situation.

Within the organzation, speculation has already begun about veterans LaRoi Glover, Greg Ellis, Dat Nguyen and Al Singleton. On the radio broadcast last night, play-by-play man Brad Sham predicted that one or both of the Ellis/Glover tandem would leave this offseason.

Ellis' post-game self-assessment was blunt. "I think I won't be here," he said. Ellis saw his playing time reduced over the last several games.

Glover and Ellis have two of the largest contracts on the team. Since both played in a rotation, their value dropped. However, both are productive players at positions where demand greatly exceeds supply. What's more, their salaries, particularly Ellis', would make them attractive to other teams. That's why I think the Cowboys would trade rather than release them.

What could they bring? It depends. Let's look at last year's market. The Saints tried to move franchised DE Darren Howard and held extensive talks with the Cowboys. New Orleans wanted a first round pick and Dat Nguyen. Later they reduced their demands to one of the Cowboys' first rounders. New Orleans could not find a taker and kept Howard.

Dallas might get a late first round pick for one of these two. Imagine if you are a Denver or an Indianapolis and you lose in the AFC title game. You're close to a Super Bowl. Do you acquire a known veteran quantity or chance that a rookie can get you over the top? If nothing else, Dallas should be able to draw second round picks for them, if the team chose to put them on the market.

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