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Rose Bowl Open Thread

Make your predictions, folks. I say USC, 41-24.

Update: Whew. Just got back from two hours wandering around downtown Austin. That was fun. Don't mind being wrong at all with the prediction. I've never been in town when one of my teams, or any team won it all. I was at MinuteMaid Park for game 5 of the NCLS (the Albert Pujols homer game) and that was the greatest buzzkill I have ever experienced, going from the brink of ecstasy to sheer despair in about two seconds.

I think we'll look back in about ten years when ESPN Classic is running this game and realize it had more professional throw weight than any other college game. I wouldn't be surprised to see two dozen good NFLers emerge from it.

And Poke, you're right. If Vince Young doesn't go pro, with his hometown team owning the top pick, something's wrong.

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