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Assistants Update

Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer will interview today for the Rams head coaching job.

Meanwhile, offensive coordinator Sean Payton had dinner with Saints' GM Mickey Loomis in San Antonio last night. He will have a formal meeting with New Orlean's brass next week, after interviewing in Green Bay.

The Saints have an unsettled QB position after benching Aaron Brooks late last year. They also have the second pick in the draft. I wonder if Loomis and Payton watched any of the Rose Bowl? If they did, I also wonder if Payton pointed to Vince Young and Matt Leinart and said, "I'll come if you get me one of them?"

There is nothing to report on the Bill Parcells' front, but then there has never been any hard news on him, just reckless speculation. How reckless? The Detroit News yesterday mentioned a new Parcells-to-Detroit report, though the paper did not specify where it originated. Lions' GM Matt Millen was forced to reply, "I think the world of Bill Parcells -- always have. But Bill Parcells, last time I checked, was under contract to the Dallas Cowboys. That's where it stays." Millen knows there are penalties for tampering and he wants to keep his team far away from any such charge.

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