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Playoff Pick'Em

Put on your prognosticator hats, it's playoff time.

My selections:
AFC -- Patriots and Steelers;
NFC -- Redskins and Giants;

Strongest pick -- the two AFC games;
Flimsiest pick -- Washington. I don't like picking them. I don't want to pick them. But I simply trust them more than Tampa, even though the Bucs beat them in the regular season.

Playoff games between two good teams often come down to which team is less likely to trip over its own feet. To me, it's the Redskins.

Same with the Giants. Eli may fall flat, but I think Jake Delhomme and the Panthers are even more able to do so. Carolina's offense is Steve Smith, the whole Steve Smith and nothing but the Steve Smith. The forecast for the Meadowlands is cold and rain. That's not wide receiver weather.

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