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Top of the Draft Intrigue

It sounds like Vince Young is leaning towards the NFL. ESPN's Chris Mortensen today (protected column) said that Young appears ready to come out. Mortensen's sources should always be taken with a grain of salt, but the network's Mel Kiper Jr., who works independently of Mortensen, said on ESPNews this afternoon that he also anticipates Young to come out, because he sees Young going no lower than third.

Declaring would give Young two chances to play for teams he should favor. His hometown Texans pick first. If he fell to Tennessee at slot three, he could learn the pro game with his mentor Steve McNair. Young attended McNair's summer camp several years ago and was informally adopted by the Tennessee star.

Young's decision would benefit Dallas, as Bush's certainly will. There are roughly ten juniors who are forecast as first round selections. As many as six could go in the top ten, if mocks like this have any credence. That would mean a senior previously ranked on the fringe of the top ten, like Texas' DB Michael Huff, Virginia Tech's CB Jimmy Williams, Iowa's LB Chad Greenaway, UTEP's OLB Thomas Howard or juniors like USC RT Winston Justice and Oregon NT Haloti Ngata are now within the Cowboys' reach.

It's way too early to know the first round with any precision. The point is that the junior exodus helps.

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