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Payton Holds Extended Talks with Saints

The New Orleans Times Picayune today wrote of Payton, "he's presumed to be the leading candidate for the Saints job." There was no basis for the claim, but stay tuned.

The AP notes that OC Sean Payton's interview with the Saints lasted an hour longer than scheduled today. Take that as you will.

If nothing else, it shows the Saints had a lot of questions for Payton on how he might resurrect the franchise after they bottomed out this past year. Payton was surely asked his ideas on how to handled the team's QB situation. Veteran Aaron Brooks was benched late in the season and the team has the second pick in the draft, fueling speculation they will take one of the Matt Leinart/Vince Young duo.

The Wisconsin press noted that Mike McCarthy's handling of Brooks helped him land the Packers job. McCarthy was Brooks' QB coach and the Saints' OC for Brooks' best seasons. The QB slumped badly last year after McCarthy left for San Francisco, though the Saints had many reasons for their subpar play.

Payton may be considered someone who could resurrect Brooks' career, given his history with young QBs. We'll likely know by Friday at the latest. The Saints are scheduled to interview former Packers HC Mike Sherman tomorrow and the Rams' former honcho Mike Martz Friday.

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