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Two More Draft Opinions

Here's the relevant section of Mel Kiper's much-discussed first list. I've only included Dallas' section of the NFL lineup, since his list is subscription only:

15. Atlanta -- Michael Huff, FS/CB, Texas;
16. Miami -- Winston Justice, RT, USC;
17. Minnesota -- LenDale White, RB, USC;
18. Dallas -- Jimmy Williams, CB, Virginia Tech;
19. San Diego -- Ko Simpson, S, South Carolina;
20. Kansas City -- Ashton Youboty, CB, Ohio State;
21. New England -- Bobby Carpenter, OLB, Ohio State;

Here's a second opinion from Scott Wright's excellent, recommended and free Draft Countdown:

13. Baltimore -- Michael Huff, S, Texas
14. Philadelphia -- Chad Greenway, OLB, Iowa
15. Atlanta -- Tamba Hali, DE, Penn St.
16. Miami -- Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt
17. Minnesota -- DeAngelo Williams, RB, Memphis St;
18. Dallas -- Santonio Holmes, WR, Ohio St.;
19. San Diego -- Ko Simpson, S, South Carolina;
20. Kansas City -- Jimmy Williams, CB, Virginia Tech;
21. New England -- Ashton Youboty, CB, Ohio St.;

I must admit I don't like the Dallas predictions on either list. The Cowboys don't need another CB, certainly not with their #1 pick. And Williams projects as a corner, so he would be an angry holdout candidate if he was drafted to play safety, since those guys make less money.

Holmes may be the top rated WR, but I find Wright's logic a bit mystifying. He says Glenn is not a deep threat and that Holmes would be. Glenn had one of the best yards-per-reception averages in the NFL last year. What's more, he's the exact same size as Holmes. You're in effect getting a younger Glenn clone with Holmes.

The last time a Parcells team took a speedy wideout in the first round (Glenn, coincidentally, back in '95) he quit over the selection. He's never put top priority on this position and while Dallas could use another young threat outside, I don't think they'll take him in round one. There's no history to suggest it.

The guy who jumps out to me from these lists is safety Ko Simpson. He was a late applicant for the draft, so he hasn't gotten a lot of ink.

He's also the only sophomore to declare early. That's because Simpson sat out a year before playing, so it's been three years since his high school class graduated, making him eligible. He'll be a 23 year old rookie, but that shouldn't faze Dallas, which drafted Terence Newman as a 25 year old rookie.

Simpson nullifies everything I wrote yesterday about Michael Huff. It seems Huff is not the only top-tier safety available in the 11-20 range.

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