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Continuity Is the Word for Offseason '06

J.J. Taylor clarifies the Greg Ellis situation and throws buckets of cold water on any trade speculation Ellis and we may be harboring. Writing in The Sporting News, Taylor claims HC Bill Parcells contacted Ellis' agent and told him the team had no interest in either releasing or trading the veteran DE because he's too valuable. This echoes comments Jerry Jones made in Mobile.

Ellis has asked for some restructuring of his contract as a hedge against losing playing time. Keeping Ellis makes the most sense. He tied for the team league in sacks and while he may not feel happy in the 3-4, he found a real niche as a rusher in the 4-2-5 package.

Taylor mentions Texas OT Jonathan Scott as a possible first round selection. Scott would fill a need, but he would be a reach at 18, even with his strong Senior Bowl showing.

Taylor also suggests that Dallas may draft more 255 lb. college DEs to convert to 3-4 OLBs, a la Demarcus Ware. Hey, J.J., there's this kid named Bobby Carpenter, who plays for your alma mater Ohio State. He's 255 lbs. and he's already an outside linebacker...

I sense someone either playing dumb or speaking in code here. Taylor never misses up a chance to plug Ohio St., yet he's passing up a chance to push one of his guys?


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