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That T.O. Rumor -- It's Baaaaack!

Dallas is named as one of five teams "expressing interest" in obtaining Terrell Owens this offseason, according to the Daily Times of Delaware. Before you reach for some antacid, remember that Owens is under contract and must be traded by the Eagles. The story says the Philly front office would prefer to trade him to the AFC. I'm sure Dallas would be the Eagles' least-preferred destination.

Owens has already met with Denver officials and was warned by HC Mike Shanahan that a zero tolerance policy would be in force there. Denver is, as I predicted, going for broke in '06. They've been associated with T.O. and are also expressing interest in Miami bad-boy Ricky Williams.

Hey, Mike, did you notice how weak your pass rush was against Pittsburgh? You do know Dallas has a DT named LaRoi Glover who might help you, right? For the right price, of course.

In other news, the Star-Telgram opines that Chris Palmer's hiring will push QB coach David Lee to TE's coach and move Paul Pasqauloni to the LB spot. This scenario could provide a wave of improvement. TE play dropped in '05 from the level attained in '04 when Tony Sparano coached the position. Pasqualoni had never coached an offensive position prior to '05 and his players' run-blocking was erratic.

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