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Friday Roundup

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Some free agency news that could impact the good team, and some that might not:

-- Update: In a move sure to disappoint the Redskins, ESPN's John Clayton reports that the Colts are expected to franchise WR Reggie Wayne, the top rated free agent wide receiver.

-- Colts RB Edgerrin James believes he has played his last game for the Colts.

-- I think former Eagles' DE Hugh Douglas has demonstrated why he's the only "team ambassador" in the NFL and will remain the only team ambassador in the NFL. Ambassador to what, chaos? It can't be to the team locker room. First he gets into a fight with Terrell Owens that spurs Owens suspension. Then he goes on local radio and rips Donovan McNabb's leadership skills. The Eagles front office has been an exemplar in the salary cap era, but they goofed when they made a spot for Douglas. He's got the Eagles nation yakking about a leadership gap.

-- OL coach Paul Boudreau appears headed for St. Louis. It's been awfully quiet on the coaching front in Dallas. We've heard "more announcements are to come" when Chris Palmer was hired, but unless the team has a slick new tight ends coach or linebackers coach on tap, we're going to hear about staff reshufflings. If Bill Parcells does go hunting for new assistants, he may go into his large rolodex of former players. One name floated a couple of weeks ago was Vincent Brown, a former LB for Parcells in New England. Brown attended the Cowboys camp a couple of years ago and worked with the players. Parcells said he was a quality coach already, but he has yet to coach above the high school level, if memory serves me correctly. (I'm still trying to find the link.)

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