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Prediction Time

Okay, you've got just under six hours to make your picks. I'm even taking Vegas-style predictions, such as, who will rush for the most yards? Will any back get 100 yards? Who will throw more interceptions? Who will score first? Which player will score first? Will either defense score? Etc. (Sorry, but there's no payout here for your amazing predictions, not matter how correct they might be.)

Feel free to make up your own categories.

I've been looking at this one a long time. My head says Pittsburgh but my gut says Seattle. Mike Holmgren teams have only been held under 20 points twice in his long career. Those were his '93 and '94 editions, which were also his first two playoff teams. (Any guesses on which team shut them down?) He's gotten much better as time has gone on. He's gonna get this team to score.

My one concern is that Pittsburgh might have the muscle to start grinding Seattle's front down. If the Seahawks can limit the Steelers run yardage on early downs they can get after Ben Roethlisberger. Everybody, and I mean everybody has underestimated their pass rush this year. It's good and it comes from four guys. They don't blitz much because they don't have to. And that's the type of trait that wins you Super Bowls.

Here goes: Seattle 27, Pittsburgh 21

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