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More Offseason Meat

Because the season is over and you're just getting hungry.

Free agency begins on March 3rd, exactly four weeks from this past Friday. With the season now over, expect to hear a lot of news on veterans who will or won't be retained by their teams. There was a lot of noise from the commissioner and from owners like Jerry Jones that the CBA situation looks grave. I think they're posturing. From what I understand, there's a lot of incentive to forge a new deal -- on both sides. Completing or not completing a new CBA will determine whether teams like the Colts go for it all in '06 or blow it up and start over. I expect a lot of nothing and then a furious rush to cut a new deal once the deadline approaches.

I posted a story on the Cowboys' defensive needs several days ago and will add one on the offense's needs and possible free agent targets later this week.

In the meantime here's a new mock draft, going two rounds deep. If it bears any relation to the early views of NFL war rooms, I have one piece of free advice for Bill and Jerry -- trade down! The talent between picks 30 and 50 here interests me a lot more than the players rated between 15 and 25.

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