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Pay to Play

The NFL Players Assocation has announced its franchise and transition tag averages for the 2006 offseason. Use these as guides on how much blue chip and red chip free agents will cost:

QBs -- franchise $8.8 M; transition $8.3 M;
RBs -- franchise $ 6.1M; transition $5.15M;
WRs -- franchise $ 6.2 M; transition $ 5.2 M;
TEs -- franchise $ 3.3 M; transition $ 2.7 M;
OL -- franchise $ 7.0 M; transition $ 6.4 M;

Look at offensive linemen. Second only to QBs among offensive players. Most of that cost is fueled by OTs. That why I'm against a Jon Runyan signing. Given his age, I think he'll be too expensive.

DTs -- franchise $ 5.65 M; transition $ 4.5 M;
DEs -- franchise $ 8.3 M; transition $ 7.1 M;
LBs -- franchise $ 7.2 M; transition $ 6.1 M;
CBs -- franchise $ 5.9 M; transition $ 4.7 M;
Ss -- franchise $ 4.1 M; transition $ 3.6 M;

Linebackers are also expensive on the free agent market, which is why I think the OLB itch will be scratched in the draft. Safety, however is the cheapest position in the game, next to tight ends. I think that's an area of free agency where the Cowboys will be active.

Ks -- franchise $ 2.5 M; transition $ 2.0 M;

Get your checkbook, Jerry. It might take you $1.5 to 2.0 million to get a good kicker, but what's a win worth to you these days?

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