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They Reilly Hate Us Now

Sports Illustrated brings us a new "feature" today, where whiny-boy Rick Reilly "sounds off" on topics dear to his black heart. He repeats his belief that Troy Aikman doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame. He provides no data to support his rant, since he's using Aikman as a prop in his campaign to get more Broncos into the Hall. (I don't link to idiots.)

The sad fact is that SI senior football writer Paul Zimmerman has been plugging '60s Denver DE Ricky "Tombstone" Jackson for Canton forever. Reilly is so ignorant of his team's history that he neglects to mention Jackson as evidence of a "Broncos bias."

Hey Rick, this one's for you. If you want more Broncos in the Hall, knock yourself out. But don't rip at Dallas' history in order to build up Denver's.

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