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Pro Bowl Open Thread

If you hear any good free agency rumors during the game, pass them on.

Two free agent updates:

1.) Patriots Pro Bowler Adam Vinatieri might hit the market after all. He was franchised by the Patriots last year for over $2.5 million. Since he's the highest paid at his position in the NFL, a second franchise tag would guarantee him a 20% raise, pushing him over $3 million a year. That could be more than the Patriots -- or anybody else -- is willing to pay.

If New England balks, he's a free agent. Would you pay, say, $2.0 to $2.5 millon per season of Jerry Jones' money for the best money kicker ever? We just might get to see what Bill Parcells' answer would be.

2.) The Cleveland Browns are ready to cut ties with WR Antonio Bryant. The Steelers are rumored to be a destination for Bryant if they lose Antwaan Randle El.

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